Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Health: Article Round-Up

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Our family did not escape the 2011 flu season without finally succumbing to a stomach virus.  Just last week, each member of our family slowly fell prey to a bug that had some intense effects at first onset, and then "generously" lingered around for a few more days with just a general "crud" feeling.  Not much felt or sounded good, so we slowly consumed our fluids, some homemade chicken broth, and crackers.

But now we're back on the up & up and the following articles found their way into my Facebook feed.  These articles have given me much to think about as I reflect on how we can improve our family's health after being down and out, and unfortunately, relying on more processed food than we had in a while.

See for yourself:
Confession: I May Be Orthorexic (And Why You May Be Too via Wellness Mama

Are you enjoying your daily chemical cocktail? via Grist

Athletes Looking To Meat As Performance Enhancer via CNBC

It has reaffirmed to me the value of cutting down or completely cutting out processed foods, things with artificial dyes, chemicals or additives, and eating food properly prepared.

Of course, I know I can't be perfect (or else I might be "orthorexic") ... but each little step in the right direction can boast big gains in the future.

So with that, my new project for this weekend is making liquid whey, as shown here or here.
I can't wait to try my hand at homemade cream cheese once the whey separates from the curds!
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    Future post will include what all you can do with whey!  I'm excited to find out and share with you.


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